About Us

About S Square System

S Square System is a Hong Kong based 3D application company founded in 2010. We are an expert team specialized in 3D vision technology, with office and partners in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Europe and North America



Our mission is to connect people and the world by the power of 3D. Currently, we are producing 3D applications for 3D photo studio, retail shop marketing, fashion and textile industries, home user DIY consumer. We would like to introduce more interesting 3D application for interior designer and real-estate partners.

We have developed some state-of-art 3D vision products, like real-time 3D scanner, 3D full-body photo capture system, and rapid 3D avatar building mobile app. We will continue to explore technology and application in 3D imaging and computer vision.

If you are interested to join our team or to be our partners, please contact us by email info@unre.ai. We are welcoming talents and strategic companion all around the world.


We had several break-through in 3D vision technology:

  • 3D Video Conversion – Real time video conversion from monocular frame to binocular frame
  • Non-Photorealistic Photo Analysis & Rendering – Analysis and render from daily life photo to artistic photo
  • Photo to 3D facial reconstruction – Reconstruct 3D facial model from single 2D photo
  • 3D Model facial reconstruction – Rebuild 3D facial model from 3D landmarks
  • Multi-sensor 3D scanning – Scan 3D full body human model with multiple 3D sensors
  • Real-time 3D scanning technology – Real-time scanning 3D objects with single 3D camera